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Scientific progress for any nation is measured by its ability to keep up with scientific development about the human, the universe and the life. In addition to conducting the necessary research to guarantee its continuity and progress. The scientific level of any nation is exemplified by its reservoir of scientific research for that community in a certain time, and the ability of that nation to use that reservoir in comprehensive development processes that is reflected on life. In other words, there is no progress without scientific research. The success of developed nations refers to the fact that scientific research for them is the core of any progress. While talking about scientific research, we don't mean natural sciences only. But social sciences are also crucial demands to construct any community.   The interaction between natural scientists and their social and human counterparts is a necessity for the healthy structure of a nation. Furthermore, experienced scientists should stand side by side with planners, economists and technicians with free access to scientific community.   For this reason scientific research is no longer the responsibility of scientists only, but it is also a fatal concern for politicians and public interest as well. This is attributed to its effect on the community and enabling it to face the new challenges and to cope with the current scientific attitudes towards technology.

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