Deanship of Library Affairs

Graduate student guide

Your membership in the library gives you the opportunity to benefit from the library services. Please create an account in my account service and then fill in the membership application form at the library.

  • Library paper sources. How to search in the library paper sources?
  • Databases and digital libraries How to search in the databases and digital libraries?
  • Periodicals.
  • Request an article from the British library.
  • Researcher service.
  • Newly arrived.
  • Suggest a book.

  • What is the special collections?
  • Special collection policy.
  • Search in the special collections (dissertations, manuscripts, rare documents…..).
  • How do I search in the special collections in the library?

  • The process of handling a dissertation in the library:
    1. Bringing number of (2) paper copies of the dissertation.
    2. Brining (20) CDs (18 should have the dessertation in MS Word format and 2 in PDF format).
    3. Writing all the scientific data on CDs with the university logo included
    4. Fill in the authorization and pledge forms and attach it to the CD’s and the paper copies.

  • Circulation policy in the library.
  • Inter library loan.
  • Self-circulation.
  • Book reservation.

  • The Library offers imaging service for its pioneers of student researchers and faculty members and university staff. , to be carried out in accordance with the policies of the library Imaging also offers scanning and printing service to its collections, noting that imaging and printing service offered at the Library of the female section.،

    How do I use the scanner?


  • Viewing and research halls.
  • Booking a free place to study

  • Workshops.
  • Registered workshops

  • The acceptance of sources donated from a variety of destinations such as (authors-faculty members - visitors Institutes - colleges ....) in accordance with the library policy of donation.

  • Ask a librarian.
  • Email:
    1. Central library (Boys)
    2. Female library section:
    3. Faisalyia library section:
  • Phone.
  • Social media.
  • Live chat.
  • Library location map.
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