Deanship of Library Affairs

Community members guide

  • Paper library sources. How do I search in the paper library sources?
  • Periodicals.
  • Special collection (dissertations-Manuscripts-special libraries…..etc).
  • Newly arrived.

  • Community members can borrow from outside the university (4) books for (14 days) after paying an insurance for (500 nights) under the receipt received by the financial affairs deanship and after the approval of beneficiary services director, to be loan according to policy for loan and on beneficiary bring the following documents with him:

    • National identity or residence for non-Saudis.
    • Deposit receipt of financial insurance account number (2680156005 SAMBA Bank) and preferably of a deposit from a bank branch and not from an ATM.
    • (2) Photographs.

    The Library provides imaging services to its visitors from outside the university, to be carried out in accordance with the policies of the library imaging. It also offers scanning and printing for its collections service, note that the imaging and printing service offered at the Library of the female section.

    How do I use the scanner?

    The acceptance of sources donated from a variety of destinations such as (authors-faculty members - visitors Institutes - colleges ....) in accordance with the library policy of donation .

    The community members who are interested in visiting the library must fill an electronic form to visit the library.

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