Deanship of Library Affairs

Special collections

The special collections is the most precious materials in the library and it is manuscripts, letters and scientific libraries and rare books, as well as maps and atlases and maps of cities, and Government documents..


The manuscript is written by hand on paper or leather, and the department contains 3215 manuscripts and 2407 paper manuscript and the rest are copied photos on paper all of those manuscripts catalogued on the library catalogue in addition to be printed and manuscript catalogues available section.

Scientific theses (dissertation)

The University Library contains 24324 theses in Arabic and English language. The library obtained the doctorate theses through gifting by researchers, and users can reach it by searching the library catalogue.

Private libraries and rare books
  • Private libraries
  • libraries that was donated to the Library Affairs by a group of pioneers such as Sheikh Mohammad Nassif and His Highness Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal and Muhammad Ali al-Sanusi and good Bahkali and others and honor and recognition from the University of the pioneers of Distinguished has been dedicated private suites for those libraries and make them available for order all researchers benefit with all its these libraries of precious and rare books.

  • Rare books
  • The library contains a collection of rare books printed more than 150 years, has been placed on the shelves fair according to the classification of sciences, the total number of rare books, 500 books in Arabic and English.

The government publications

The government publications of the most important sources of scientific research being contain Facts official figures, issued by government agencies such as the ministries, institutions, companies and local, Gulf and Arab and international banks, which include statistical reports and development plans and annual evidence, laws and regulations, and the number of official publications available Library 17727.

Maps and atlases and charts cities

This module contains images and forms of illustrative maps of geography and geology, agricultural and cities, roads and atmosphere for the countries of the Arab and Islamic world in addition to architectural and urban population of all cities in the Kingdom schemes.

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