Deanship of Library Affairs


University library contains 846,393 volumes of books and references in Arabic, English and other many languages (such as French, German), covering different branches of knowledge. Library use open shelves system so users can reach books directly.

  • The central Library
    • First Floor: Building B, references from 000-999
    • Second floor: Arabic books from 000-999
    • Third floor: foreign books from 000-999
  • Vice Dean of Library Affairs - female section - Sulaymaniyah
    • Ground Floor: references from 0-999
    • First Floor: books from 000-499
    • Second floor: books from 500-999
  • Vice Dean of Library Affairs Branch Faisaliah
    • First Floor: books from 000-999

The contents of the library of books can be searched through the online catalog of the library

Classification System

Books are categorized according to the Dewey decimal classification (Dewey) the system works on the division of human knowledge into ten main sections and branches. In addition, each division in turn subdivided into ten branches depending on the nature of the subject, and so each branch is divided into ten, and so could the decimal division to continue indefinitely.

Order number (Classification number)

There is a poster on the heel book contains the number to a special classification of each book to find the book on the shelf site after searching for it in the index.

Classification number
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