Deanship of Library Affairs

Library services

Electronic services

      Dear beneficiary from the library’s’ vision and its mission to achieve the highest standards of quality in the services provided, the library provides a portal range of electronic services in order to allow the user to access the service they want and complete the full application in any city without the need to review the library headquarters or one of its subsidiaries, the Library Services and the (service my account, membership activation service….etc .. more...


       The service aims to facilitate the access of the university staff and the beneficiaries from outside the university on what they need from books or library materials who have the time to check them in the library, and the received book is an acknowledgment that the beneficiary had examined the full book and is responsible for any damage accordance with the library loan policies.

Imaging, printing and scanning

    The Library provides imaging services to its visitors from outside the university, to be carried out in accordance with the policies of the library imaging. It also offers scanning and printing for its collections service, note that the imaging and printing service offered at the Library of the female section.، How do I use the scanner?

Viewing and research hall

The library contains multiple classrooms equipped for research groups, so that the beneficiary can read and search them, with the possibility of the use of personal computers, portable wireless networks to provide Wi-Fi inside the library ... more...

Training and lecture halls

The library contains lecture halls and meeting rooms equipped with a TV display devices and transfer system (Data Show) and computer hardware with the ability to use personal computers to provide mobile wireless networks Wi-Fi indoors ... more...

Computers & Internet

    The library contains computers, connected to the Internet, available in the Central Library and all its branches، in order to facilitate the search for the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries can also bring to PCs (notebook) and use of the availability of the Internet around the library through the Wi-Fi.

Reference Service

       The service aims to direct beneficiaries to get the information as quickly and with less effort, and develop appropriate solutions to the problems faced by the beneficiaries and meet different information needs in several ways, including the Office of Information Services, which a number of information specialists are working on to help the researcher in obtaining the required information accurately and easily available services offices All information in the main library and its branches  as can the beneficiary get the information you want without the presence of the library by the service ask a librarian or connecting through social sites, to provide service in accordance with the the reference service policies developed by the library.

Special Needs Services

King Abdul-Aziz University library takes a good care of users with special needs, providing them with all the means that will help them take advantage of the various sources such as the library, audio-visual and other devices, as the library has allocated private parking for their cars. The library is happy to provide integrated counseling services through the guide in the library and is pleased to receive any suggestions and comments aimed at the development of special needs services ..... more...

Information awareness

      The Library offers information awareness service in order to inform beneficiaries for everything new in the library.

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